Attach a Document, Not a Link, From Quickr

Lisa Duke (Tips In Two)  December 16 2009 01:30:00 PM
In some situations, users of Lotus Notes and Quickr may want to send the full attachment, not just a link.  See how to send the full document (stored in Quickr) in this brief video.


1Keith Brooks  01/11/2010 11:45:03 AM  Don’t forget the Sidebar or Sametime too

Lisa, I liked the video could you also remind people or show that they could use the Connectors to do the same from Sametime, the Sidebar or Windows Explorer.

2Jose Zaldivar  03/02/2010 10:04:39 AM  Quickr

Good intro. Shows well. If you can talk more about how emails with multiple attachments are stored in Quickr, that will be great. I will pass this along to my client to see.

Nice pace and easy to follow. Congrats!


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